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The Korean Peninsula, Korean DMZ is one of the precious nature theme area that shows great peaceful harmony of nature. Korean DMZ was reborn into the treasure of global ecology with the great vitality of nature in the land left by the wounds of Korean war.  There are plenty of exciting things to see and do at Korea The DMZ is 250 kilometres (160 miles) long  Demilitarized zone tour civilian casualties on both sides.  It is great to see in Seoul  Korea. Korea DMZ is the most important area to keep Peace between north Korea and south Korea. It was strictly protected area from visitors until 10 years ago. but some meeting-point between the two nations , South Korea and North Korea. , Within the DMZ Korea DMZ tour is alway be listed on the things to do in Seoul. Part of the DMZ area was opened to foreign tourists and now it is famous and very unique place to see real situation of korea. As the one of the popular attractions in korea. Let's visit DMZ with Seoul DMZ Tour.


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It was the only way of seeing the border of North Korea and South korea. it was an excellent attraction in korea. - Amy

It was a great to see and feel the real korea and  DMZ tour was a great cultural experience.  - ISMADI

There is no other attraction like the Korea DMZ tour. the DMZ line, barbed wires and the tunnel are the must.. - Jameston


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